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vBookz Creators

MindEx International Ltd. is the creator of vBookz, a collection of applications designed to audibly read all your authentic text PDFs, DRM-free ePub books, and user-generated text.


We Extend Our Greetings

Michael BW.png

1947 - 2011

Michael Stern Hart

He is often recognized as the individual who pioneered the creation of the first e-book.
On July 4, 1971, he entered the text of the Declaration of Independence into a computer, thereby establishing the groundwork for Project Gutenberg, which stands as the oldest and largest digital library.

Thanks to Michael's visionary approach, the vBookz team successfully integrated Gutenberg.

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Steve BW.png

1955 - 2011

Steven Paul Jobs

The co-founder of Apple, a visionary figure, played a pivotal role in introducing personal computers and subsequently spearheaded a cultural shift in how people experienced music, movies, and mobile communications during the digital age.

Apple established the groundwork for the success of apps such as vBookz.

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Storm BW.png

1944 - 2013

Storm Elvin Thorgerson

A British graphic designer renowned for crafting some of the most iconic album covers in history, he gained his greatest recognition for his association with Pink Floyd's timeless 1973 album, "The Dark Side Of The Moon."

Storm's team is responsible for designing the striking covers of vBookz apps.

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vBookz Distribution team

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vBookz Development team

60 Medinat Hayehudim St. Herzeliya IL.

vBookz Management team


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