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  • What is vBookz PDF Voice Reader?
    vBookz is an application that audibly reads all your PDF and DRM-free ePub files. It offers an excellent method for navigating and consuming documents on Apple's range of devices.
  • Is it for me?
    Perusing documents on mobile devices presents its challenges. The text is often too small, and maintaining focus while on the move can be quite challenging. This is particularly true for lengthy documents, where listening can often provide more effective support than traditional self-reading.
  • How many languages can I download?
    vBookz app is available in 17 different Languages.
  • I've payed to unlock the app but, it keeps asking me to pay again. What should I do?"
    It’s just a verification process. A safe procedure. For the same items you don’t have to pay twice. If it asks you to pay again and you've already payed, please approve the request and by the end of the download, you will get an announcement that says it was for free. Since Apple never charges you twice and there is any mistake; they will refund you. We are developing a new seamlessly verification version.
  • Can I change the reading speed?
    Sure. When file is open, there are three dots icon at the top right side. Tap this icon and more features will appear. Change the reading speed by adjusting the knob to the right or to the left.
  • Can I upload and listen to my iBooks files?
    vBookz can read some of your 'iBooks' files. If you already have ePub files, we can’t guaranty they will work on vBookz as vBookz can not read DRM protected files of any kind. Same goes for 'Kindle' files. What is DRM? 'Digital Rights Management' is a class of access control technologies that used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals with the intent to limit the use of digital content and devices after the sale.
  • How to email a log file?
    1. Open your app 2. Pick one of your documents 3. Tap the top right 'three dots' menu 4. Scroll down to 'email support' 5. Tap and send us an email
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