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Sooner or later, everyone will develop at least some limitations in vision, hearing, dexterity or learning.

To improve usability for those of us with sensory or physical limitations, phones and tablets have features for accessibility, which are continually improving and becoming more prevalent as technologies advance.

To help consumers learn about these features and find devices that can respond to their individual needs, the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) has created the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative – in short GARI – a free online database for accessible mobile phones and tablets & accessibility related apps.

In 14 languages the consumer can find information on around 100 accessibility features of over 1,100 mobile phone and tablet models around the world, including a list of accessibility apps available on the different OS platforms.

Have a look and see whether your phone is listed and what kind of accessibility features it has that you never knew about, or search for the phone that has the feature you always wanted to have: www.gari.info 


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