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vBookz PDF Voice Reader

vBookz PDF Voice Reader

Also available for the iMac family

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What makes vBookz better?

Great sounding voices
Listen herevBookz_languages.html

Endless PDF documents

are now reads aloud for you...

vBookz is an extraordinary PDF Voice reader that actually reads for you.

It displays PDF documents with speech ability interface features for the most rich experience available.

The new mobile version is universal and support the iPhone iPad and iPod.

The famous

Magical Magnifying Glass

Use the ‘Play’ button to make vBookz start reading to you. 

Follow the magnifying glass while the PDF document is being read. Drag the magnifying glass to set a new reading point.

Import your PDF files easily

Where do you store your PDF files? never mind, all you need to do is to use ‘Open in’ from your email, DropBox or Safari. If you have PDF files on iBooks, Just email them to your device and use ‘Open in’.

Test for free, pay to use

We can’t guess what is your favorite language? vBookz comes with 2 free PDF samples, if you want to upload and use it with your own PDF files, you will have to decide - out of 16 languages - which one to buy.

Three in one app

iPhone iPad & iPod

When downloading the full version of vBookz, you enjoy the one time payment experience by Apple.

The app is universal, which means that you pay once and all of your devices will run vBookz in full size graphics.

True text support.

vBookz reads only true text PDF format.

First OCR scanned PDF into text.

Download vBookz OCR Scanner app.

What’s New in

vBookz PDF voice reader?

  1. Text mode with special dyslexie font.

  2. 16 languages aloud.

  3. Open any PDF directly from the mail, dropbox, Safari, Google Drive or iTunes sync.

  4. Read any true text PDF aloud.

  5. Stunning UI.

  6. Reading orientation tools.

  7. Auto text follower mechanism.

  8. Background reading.

Read any PDF aloud

Simply extraordinary

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